San Juan

Bas Harts Diving introduced the concept of Dive Safaris on Curacao. We are the original and still the best Dive Safari on the Island.

Our Dive Safaris are more than just two amazing guided dives. These are partial day trips where you experience much more than just the most pristine dive sites that Curacao has to offer.

On top of ALL, your diving will be with just your loved ones, friends and a PRIVATE guide. Even NON-CERTIFIED divers can join!!

From the moment you are picked up in one of our fully equipped luxury dive trucks you know you are going to have a 5 Star experience. We don't settle for just a house reef like other shops and you shouldn't have to either. We will take you off road to the best diving in the Caribbean. No crowds, no hassle, no “cattle calls”.

You will also be introduced to the more natural and undiscovered side of the Island. Not only will we take you to some areas most tourists will not discover and most diveshops will not go to, we will show you a lot more on our way there. Like pink birds (locally known as flamingos), goats, wara wara, iguanas, occassionally wild boar, Curacao's country side, beautiful secluded beaches and plantation houses.

Your day will be spent with a private guide who knows all about the history and culture of the island and is more than happy to share his knownledge during the day.

Our luxury dive trucks are customized to take you to dive sites where most other shops don't go. We carry full safety and recovery gear on all our trips.

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"If you just want to have a typical dive experience our dive safaris are not for you!"

All of our Dive Safaris include:

  • •   Pick up / Drop off (most locations)
  • •   FREE use of rental gear
  • •   Tanks and weights
  • •   PRIVATE guide/instructor
  • •   Pictures of your dives (if available)
  • •   Two AWESOME guided dives
  • •   Beach fees

ONLY $139,-

Why just Dive Curacao when you can Dive Safari Curacao?

    •   PRIVATE - No Cattle Herding
  • •   HIDDEN DIVE SITES - Not like the over dived "house reefs"
  • •   FREE PICTURES - No over charged blueish images
  • •   NUMBER 1 IN SAFETY - We actually take all of our safety gear with us