Personalized Instruction - Private Lessons or Small Groups.

All of our Dive Courses include:

  • •   Pick up / Drop off (most locations)
  • •   FREE use of rental gear
  • •   Mandatory educational materials
  • •   PRIVATE Classes
  • •   Pictures of your dives (if available)
  • •   Required number of AWESOME dives
  • •   Certification fees

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING:     Dive Curacao even if you've never tried diving before! Experience the thrill and serenity of the underwater world. We can have you in the water enjoying the beautiful submerged world within an hour. No experience necessary. Certified divers are welcome to join. Our instructors are patient and highly experienced.

Porto Marie

OPEN WATER DIVER:     Dive in Curacao and get your PADI Open Water Certification. Imagine getting your PADI card on the beautiful reefs of our tropical Caribbean island. Our instructors will plan your course with your preferences and comfort levels in mind. Early in the course you will be training on amazing reefs among many varieties of colorful fish and corals. As you progress you will have the opportunity to do training dives at different dive sites, experiencing other reef structures and underwater life. After this course you will be a qualified diver and can dive when and where you want to a maximum depth of 60 feet.

Porto Marie

ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER:    Dive in Curacao while getting your PADI advanced Open Water Certification. Are you ready for your next step in your underwater adventure? Do you want to explore deeper water, wrecks or are you interested in underwater photography? These are just a few of the things you can learn to do during your advanced course. You will be diving on some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean as you continue your training and reach this new level. Our instrucor will plan your course with your preferences and comfort levels in mind.

SPECIALTIES:     Curacao offers opportunities to really enjoy getting most specialty certifications. Explore the beautiful waters of Curacao while earning new certifications including Enriched Air, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Night diver or Underwater Photography. Please inquire about other specialty courses that interest you.