Curacao is the home of many wonderful and different types of dive sites. When we plan your day we will give you a selection of dive sites based on your preferences. The dive sites listed below are some of our favorites. These dive sites are remote and very pristine. Few divers will find their way to these hidden gems.


PISCADO:     A local harbor mainly used by fishermen. The swim out to the reefs is almost guaranteed to be with turtles. We even hand feed turtles on some occasions. If you love turtles this is the dive site for you!


HUNDU:     A small secluded beach on the west side of the island. The drive to this side is an experience by itself. Hundu means deep and the reef of Hundu drops off pretty deep only 40ft away from the shore. Hundu has a nice steep drop off wall, but has an amazing shallow reef too.

Shon Moza

SHON MOZA:    Go off road to find this beautiful cute little beach. This beach is not known by many and we will probably be the only ones there. Crystal clear water filled with alot coral island. You can see turtles, eels, rays and a lot of small creatures on this reef. The way back from the reef to the beach we will follow the shallow cliff line and you will be amazed of all the colors and sun rays reflecting on the white sand.


PLAYA LARGU:     The same track that leads too Shon Moza takes you too Largu. The combination of off roading, beautiful nature and great diving makes this place a wonderful experience. Although Shone Moza and Largu are neighbors this is a complete different dive. Clear water and a sandy plateau guide you to one of most beautiful walls of Curacao.


MANSALINA:     The coral formations of Manzalina are very unique. The reef is a short swim out and has a very gradual slope. This reef has its own beach and has some of the best of Curacao's nature. On the way to Manzalina you will pass an old Landhuis which is very picturesque. During your dive at Manzalina you will see many varieties of beautiful and colorful fish.


SUPERIOR PRODUCER:     The wreck of the Superior Producer is an advanced dive due to its 100 foot depth. The ship is over 200 feet long and is very interesting to explore. It is an old cargo ship that sunk in 1977 on it's way to Isla Margarita. Now it's a colorful addition to Curacao's reef system and is very easy to penetrate under guidance. The entry and overall dive conditions can be tricky and the dive is not advisable without a professional guide. This dive is not possible every day because of its proximity to our Cruise Ship terminal.