Bas Harts Diving Curacao

Curacao has many beautiful beaches and a tropical climate. Sitting on the beach and enjoying the breeze is a wonderful way to chill for the day. But as you sit in the shade of a palm tree and look at the water with many hues of aqua and blue you just know that more beauty is down below!

Curacao is the home of exciting walls, bountiful reefs, pristine dive sites and has more combinations and more quantities of shore diving than most people can dream of. Curacao is also the home of Bas Harts Diving!


Bas Harts has been diving and instructing worldwide for most of his life. For the last decade he has lived in Curacao and continued his diving career. All of these varied experiences have been combined to bring you amazing dive safaris and excursions. His vast knowledge of Curacao and its multitude of dive opportunities enable us to plan your days to suit your most exacting preferences. We can organize your diving days around the most secluded, remote dive sites that most people will never know exist or take you to Curacao's more known locations for diving with full beach facilities.

Whether you are an experienced diver or just looking to begin your exploration of the underwater world with a Discovery Dive we will provide you with an experience you will enjoy at your level. If you want to get a new certificate or specialty, we can customize your lessons to include a variety of dive sites and to meet your schedule.

With our personalized service you get our full attention.

If you are looking for a cool and more personalized way to get fully PADI certified or to do your referral check out dives, Dive Safaris may be for you!

You and your family or friends will be picked up and treated to a day of private diving and returned to your resort or cruise ship with new memories to keep and photos to remember them by! Please visit our Dive Safari Curacao site for more exciting information!

Now for some exciting news!

We have recently opened our second dive shop! For diving enthusiasts that want to experience the west side of the island of Curacao, we are now open at Playa Lagun! In addition to guided dives, Discover Dives and PADI Courses, we have full rental service for divers and snorkellers. Coffee is ready in the morning at 9:00! Please stop in and visit our new shop or check us out at our Dive Lagun Curacao site for more information!